Messerschmitt Me 410B-1


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May 7, 2009
Revell-Monogram Pro-Modeller Messerschmitt ME 410B-1 1/48th.

This post was delted for some reason....oh well. It's fixed.
If ya got some pics, could ya send them to me. I'd love to see them.
I got the fuselage together tonight (pain in the tukus). I didn't do too much to the cockpit. Just a little dry brushing and such.
Used Mr. Surfacer 500 for filling in around the seams on the fusalage and wings. Sanded that down and rescribed way too many panel lines, hope they turn out well. I'm not too good with that.
Attached internal weaponry.
Props painted (needs touch-ups) and started on canopy. This canopy is a pain in the tukus.
I was suprised, those promodeller kits are actually great kits. The ones I see in my hobby shop are very well priced although
the selection is hurt'in real bad. My F84 is a promodeller,went together really well.

Nice choice.
The plastic is very detailed. When I first looked inside the I was surprised at the high level. The gun barrels were hollow(!), and the panel lines were excellent. The only down point I can find with it is the line drawings. If they could be as detailed as Tamiya, then these kits would truely rock!

The masking took me hours (In the background I had playing Midway, then The Untouchables, then Total Recall).

I few more things to go then i can start the paint, WOO HOO!
Haha yeah. Masking takes ages. Yet, it's very important and the results - if done well - are great!
That is some awesome progress. I have this kit waiting in the stash (and a couple Tamiya He-219s, check them out!) and can't wait to start it. Keep on plugging away!


My first post! Yes!
Hi Aaron,
Tamiya Tape nightmare! Well at least is done and out of the way. Cool build by the way 8).

Outstanding work so far can't wait to see some paint on her, I got the same kit its been sitting on my shelf for some years now.
Current status:
I got the interior color sprayed on the canopy. Along with a few bits for shading and what not.

most recently i started with the bottom color RLM 76 light gray-polly...which fouled up in my AB. I thinned with Tamiya thinner, then Testers Acrylic thinner, then even tried distilled water. it gummed up on all three. So I mixed my own from Tamiya paints. it came out fairly close (atleast i'm happy with it.)


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