Large scale T34 (1943)


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My contest entry is big :eek: a 1/16 scale tanks specifically:

T-34/76 Red Army medium tank Model 1943 Plastic Model Kit 1/16 Scale Trumpeter #170809788905


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Jeep I have to tell you I like it! 1/16 scale is huge....big model ....big tools! At this scale that gun better shoot.


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I'd like you to know we all expect a working firing control system and live shells. ;D

Good luck, the T-34 is a rugged mammoth, though I find the Sherman to be more tasteful :p

Either way, I'm pretty sure you'll absolutely nail this model.


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research is complete, and if I can stop working 70hour work weeks I should start buildings any time now. This Kit is incredible. It has a FULL interior right down to the fuel lines its crazy. I stopped looking for brass detail parts when I found a review that said it did not need any!


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Once again my contest build is a bust. The tractor trailer I was driving was tail-ended a little while ago by another truck at a difference in speed of around 55 miles per hour. My back has been on the mend since and between doctors appointments, Physical Therapy, and the fact that I am still working I just did not have the time to model. None the less this kit will be build, just not right now. Sorry to disappoint, I ma too.


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Man that's terrible! Take care of yourself, we'll still all be here waiting to see the progress when your ready.


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Jeep, how is the back doing? Hope recovery is going well for you. Have you had a chance to start work on the T34?

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