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Jun 10, 2021
I wasn't sure exactly we're to put this topic so I picked chit chat mods can move it if needed.

I've recently started to realize there are a lot more kit manufacturers, and speciality brands out there that I didn't know existed.

I'll be honest up until a few weeks ago I never saw a Tamiya kit in person and when I built my first kit I was blown away with how much better it was then the revell kits or hobby boss kits I built as a kid or even more recently.

Photo etch was a brand new concept for me as of a year ago and the same with the idea that there were companies out there sell detail upgrade kits to improve upon existing base models.

So any ways the other day I learned about Meng kits and that was another huge surprise to me and today while looking at their kits I stumbled on to AFV club and now I have a huge list of ideas for future builds and unfortunately not enough money lol the question is there a spot on this forum that discusses all the different kit manufacturers out there or a resource or website I can search that covers them all or is atleast convenient in the sense its a good resource for discovering all the stuff brands kits accessories ECT that is out there?
Scalemates is a good resource :
You can use the search window to look for specific subjects and refine the search menu using the prompts .

Here's their list of brands of pretty much every company that is relevant to scale models .
A huge percentage of these are small , hard to find and out of production , plus a lot are aftermarket upgrades etc , but you'll see the bigger companies in this list .
Yes , it is a huge list .[]=Brands&q=

Good Ole Wikipedia has a " smaller " list of the major players :

And a more descriptive list than wiki's :

as usual I'll always recommend Scale Hobbyist since their website is well designed and they carry a wide range of brands :
and Hobby Link Japan :
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I will second the recommendation for scalemates and scalehobbyist. When I am interested in a subject I will often use scalehobbyist to see what is out there, and then scalemates to find out which is the newest tooling and read reviews.
Ohhhhhh, yeah! We're in a golden age, as far as the number and variety of kit manufacturers is concerned.
Scalemates is worth bookmarking. One caution to remember, though, is that it is user- or member-driven. It's a wiki, so the info is only as good as the person who posts it. But you can participate, too, and add info, offer corrections, upload instructions, etc.
Does anyone have any experience or an opinion on Roden kits? I am looking at the Roden 1:48 OV-1A Mohawk kit.
Thanks in advance

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