Just Sharing OLD Photos !!!


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Jun 24, 2009
Hey peoples !

Just wanted to share some OLD pictures... I know some of you have come by to say hello on the INTRO page and some of you are affiliated to Various Forums I am also a Member.. No secrets on Whom I am !

So... I haven't touch a model in Months... and if I did... ! it's still in a box somewhere.... Summer and the Heat ...

Here is some of my work !

Explore the Photo bucket ... ask question if you like ? :eek:

even with a Nickname like that... I am a friendly guy ! LOL



This Relaxing Scout project or also known under the Captain Morgan Scout ! took about 6 months to complete...
and is nothing like his ...Distant... Cousin !!! Mr. AMTdon'tFITtheBIKEwhatSOever !

mostly a calumniation of all the Mods I made over the years....working with Scout Troopers.
a personal best in my list...

One of the Most liked Scout I did... THE Rear Shooting Scout !


I was going to go ahead and sculpt a Princess Leia on Her bike and Place this Side Shooting Scout
like in the movie but.... the project was Shelved !!! [Leia that is]


anyway... enough rumination on OLD News....

Surf the Photo bucket account if you want to see more ! HERE
Thank you all !!! and thanks for moving this tread to the appropriate place !

I just found in my PileOstuff ! "Leia" and her Brother... almost ready for Riding... !!! Leia being only 5'2" & Petite ! at the time !!!

She had to ride that Speeder Bike at the very Tip of that Seat !!! and barely touched the pedals... I am sure it was like sitting astride a 45 Gallon drum !!! Ouchie !!! I had to modify my 1/8th female figure ( Padmé Amidala ) in a pose !!! which is far from appealing ! but it's all gonna be hidden under her Pancho ! thanks god !!!

I was further along than I previously thought! I might just take on that project and move it back on the Bench !!! Could be a nice change from building Tanks and other AFV's !!! Time for some Star Wars !!!

Catch you guys later !
Hey there....

For the Power conduits I used 1 12" Long (4mm) Steel Spring from Mecha Skunk

Spring Picture here !!! http://www.mechaskunk.com/images/shop/SP4.0.JPG

He is a cool guy... and fast shipping... surf through his different categories to find the springs you need !

I used a Wire in some of the bends to help keep the shape I needed ! ie (Right Side)

A Full 12" spring will be needed for each bike you make !

I also used Guitar string for the Throttle Cables... The cheap stuff... ! Plated or Copper Solid Core !

Take care my Man !


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