Swap older H&S Evolution Silverline with the new one?


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Jan 6, 2024
So, someone got me a H&S Evolution Silverline two in one (the one with both 0.2 and 0.4 needle & nozzle sets) as a gift.

This was great news because although I already have a H&S Ultra 2024 which is great (with a 0.45 needle), I still wanted something with a smaller needle size for finer work.

I may be able to return the Silverline and with a small difference money-wise get the new H&S Evolution CR Plus Solo (with a 0.28 needle).

I have not tried the Silverline yet but at first glance the trigger feels a bit strange. I find it to be heavy in the push action but light in the pull action which in theory could be a bit tiresome perhaps after using it for a bit.

So, if possible, should i go for it?

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