Italeri Cannone da 47/32 Mod 39 with Crew (#556490)


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May 15, 2010
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"Italeri’s New Cannone da 47/32 is Complete with Five Figures
Edison, NJ. Italeri has added the Cannone da 47/32 Mod 39 with Crew (#556490) to their broad 1/35 scale military kit line. The full-size gun was originally produced in Austria and was later licensed for production by Italy. During WWII it was used as both an infantry gun and an anti-tank weapon.
This newly tooled artillery piece from Italeri is complete with five figures in action poses. The gun is highly detailed including the gun sight. The kit comes with munitions box and spare munitions.
MRC is Italeri’s exclusive marketer in the United States.
Item #: 556490 Cannone da 47/32 mod. 39 with Crew 1/35 Scale
MSRP $47.00"


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