Interest thread: Slave I kit in studio scale

Little Cutie

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Jun 20, 2009
I'm posting this here,as I don't know where else to address this issue. I know this has been asked on other forums,so I'll ask here. Is anyone here interested in a studio scale Slave I? There is one being made,but it is a group build,and it's only for the ones contributing to it. There seems to be an interest growing,but who all knows where it's stemming from? There's another person who's offering,but if there isn't enough interest,then it won't be made into a kit! :

Here's a link to that thread. (
I guess that no one is interested in a studio scale(two foot)Slave I? There seems to be a buzz about it on the RPF,and
I guess that this link doesn't work anymore. It seems that the C&D over at fantastic plastic has made everyone slam the door on reading their forums out in the open for all to see!
Just sign up for an account there, its a cool place to check out for reference material. I did last year, pretty cool.

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