Honda Civic done


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May 27, 2009
so i had to put the scooby on the back burner for a while cause my blood pressure was gettin too high. I decided to regroup and start over. This time i chose a car that was closer to my heart. I have been driving one of these old civics for the last five years and i love it. I didnt model it to look like mine, i just sort of winged it as i went along, just tried to be creative. This is also a milestone build for me since this is the first build i will complete since i got my airbrush a few months back. It was a learning experience some parts look ok, some look great, but overall im happy with it. A tad more paint, clear coat, and some other odds and ends and it will be done. Something new I tried this time was stripping the chrome off the wheels, some engine parts and the headlights and taillights, so i could paint them to give the car a different look, a strange look, but different. I soaked the parts in coke-a-cola for a few day since its all i had and it worked like a charm. my camera is not good for this i am sorry but i will have a nice pic of the finished model..

Re: Honda Civic done!

So my puter went down about 2 months ago and well it was depressing but it gave me a chance to finnaly finish this thing. Its not perfect, but i dont care, i finished it, its my first completed car model ever



Re: Honda Civic nearly done

yeah its a nice boost in your modeling confidence

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