Hi from Downunder


May 9, 2009
Hi Guys from downunder. Well Scotland, Mate this is a great place from what ive seen so far a bit of everything so it should keep us all amused, Well guys i guess il get to meet you all as time moves on & cant wait to see everybodies builds. Do you guys get the feeling your upside down there. Catch ya's all soon . Speedster......
Welcome speedster, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your models. So what genre do you build?

Chas ;)
Hey Chas, Thought would give ya a giggle, only thing is only you & me know what it is .LOL. ???
Scott Girvan said:
Gotta be a co-awla. Welcome speedster. Great builds you've posted btw.
That's pronounced ca-wah-la in our language mate. :eek: ;D :D
I've heard of these, there some sort of vicious, rabid bear that attack unsuspecting Poms whilst on holiday there. Who ever thought to make cuddly toy based on them was having a joke, oh and they have beady little eyes and live in mentholyptus trees so have a great sense of smell.

I dont know how you guys manage over there ;)


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