Hello from the desert!


May 20, 2009
Hi peeps! Coming atcha from Phoenix,AZ! Where its an oven for the next 5 months!!!

I just want you guys to know that I decided to get back into building models again. I use to build them when I was 10 - 12 years old. Well....now I am 35 years old, married, & 2 beautiful daughters. My wife told me to pick up a hobby(not too expensive) Lol. I ran across your videos and BAM!!! I am hooked! I have begun building a P-47 Thuunderbolt. Very nervous, been awhile. I will post a pic when done. I hope one day I will be as talented as you peeps. Pretty fun though, I may get my oldest daughter into building models.... take care and God Bless! ;)
Big welcome Atomicdog,

Great that you've rediscovered the hobby!

So how hot does it get in Phoenix by the way?

Chas ;)
Hi Atomicdog,
Good news that you've found modelling again, I stopped at 10 and have only just started again after a 29yr gap. The wife is happy i have a hobby that doesn't involve pubs LOL, and I'm already modelling with my 6yr old son, but my 8 yr old daughter is into ponies.
The great thing about SMA NERD HERD is that all abilities are welcome, and the forum feels like one big learning experience. It was Scott's vid's that really motivated me, he's such a funny guy ;D

Hey thanks for the greets!

Well..in Phoenix we are around 105 degrees right now...in July it will be around 110 or so and we are now getting humidity(all those manmade lakes/golf courses are taking a toll). The humidity isn't as bad as the Midwest.

Funny my 8yr old daughter is taking horse lessons(English). She was doing Rodeo(her dad's idea ;)) But, she switched to English now.

Oh boy, almost 2am over here...gotta go.

Yeah, Scott is a funny man and entertaining. Again, I will get my first build up shortly.

Take care Peeps!
Funny looking! That's for sure. LOL. Welcome Atomicdog - that's a great story. So cool that you're back in the hobby.
Welcome Atomic Dog. This is a great site and those here are very friendly. Scott's the bomb! I too am getting back into this hobby after being away for a while. I believe there's an IPMS club in Phoenix. I'd recommend that you join. I'm a member of IPMS and our local club and it's been great, good fellowship, and a great resource.

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