Hello from the Bayou


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Jun 4, 2009
I thought I would drop in a say hello. I have been away from models for over ten years and I am getting back into it. I hope to learn new tricks and old ones I forgot about. The models I have seen here in the forums are awesome, some have inspired me to re-think some of my projects. Well that's it for now.

Welcome to the Herd :)
Glad you've come back to modelling, I rediscovered the hobby six months ago after a long break. ;D
Looking forward to seeing some of your builds.
Joolz ;D
Hey Welcome to the Herd! I just recently returned to the hobby after a 24 year break and I am hooked again. There are some very talented builders here. Glad your back! Can't wait to see some builds. Take care! ;)
Welcome Darthperil. Great to have you here. I hope you build alot of models and have fun.

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