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Jan 19, 2013
Hi all;
I've been lurking for ages, and I've decided to get more active on the site, as I get my love for scale modelling back into gear.

I model lots of stuff, mainly trains, but also do sci-fi, armour, the odd car, aircraft on occasion, submarines, and love to scratchbuild. For example below shows the additional brake rodding I put into the test GY Wagon (a Victorian Railways wagon kit from SEM here in Australia) which comes with nice PE but is missing the brake rodding that really makes the wagon pop. I have several more of these to make and I needed to get an idea of how those remaining builds would go.

Looking forward to taking part here and sharing my skills and builds over time.
:D Glad to have you out of the shadows !
Thanks very much. I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Your work is inspiring. I only wish I had the time to get back to that level of modelling. Alas I work rotating shift work so for the moment that option is not on the table.
Thank you for the compliment .
Rotating shift work huh ? Ugh -- big reason I didn't want to go into commercial power when I got out of the Navy .
I had enough sleep deprivation in the fleet ;)
I love what I do (I drive trams in Melbourne - I'll upload a picture of one of the types I drive in a moment) but it is exhausting and even after almost 3 years I am still dog tired. And I'm no spring chicken.
One of the types of Trams I drive:
Melbourne's E1 Class (6001-6050) tram. This is the class tail end charlie. Taken at the Ackland Street (St Kilda) Terminus, Route 96.

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