Hello from Kingston Ontario !!!


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Jun 24, 2009
Hello everyone !

Don't Mind the Nick Name... it's a long story !

I am looking forward to make new Models Buddies by joining this Forum !!! I have been doing this since.... I was Six ! Just for Fun So.... I'm OLD but I am no expert !!! I build what I like !

Now a days with all the Great Model Companies.... it could get expensive quick !!!

I have made a switch from AFV to Sci Fi but I kept a few kits to go back and forth !!!

anyway !

I have been busy building a CnC Router/Mill and well... let's say that Models had to take the Back burner while I was doing this.

Here is my Last Model I made ! Some of you might recall seeing it either on line or at the Ajax Model show last October !


and Those are from 2 years ago !!! and I have more in the works....


Take care all !!!!

have fun !
schweinhund227! Great to have you here. Cool. That speeder dio...Loved it back then, love it now.
Now that is awesome, welcome to the Herd!

Is that just a blurred background image to create the moving effect? It works really well!

Chas :)
Thank you all for the warm Welcome !

and Yeah ! Chas ! the picture was made using a Picture from some Red Wood forest... which I modified using PhotoShop.... and Blurred it and
got it printed at COSCO on a 12" X 36" photo paper ! Dirt cheap and giving a Kool Effect !

I probably will continue working on Scout troopers .... I have 2 that needs Closure ! especially the Battle Front Sniper !


and the Prowling Scout !


take care all !

Once I take a break from my CnC machine... I Post pictures of my Progress on those Two Orphans !
Hi Schwinehund227 nice to see you over here and nice to see your excellent scout trooper dios again.


I Hope to be able to Re-Visit the Large Dio one day !!

In my haste to get it done; I left out Tons of Issues unresolved ! and to this day ! it's been in the corner of my Room ! Uninhabited

Some... Halfwitt Back up into me ! and Squeeze the Bikers I was transporting in between us and Never apologized !

I heard Cracking but could not find where... Overall the Display was well received ! Only after the show ! is when I found out about the breaks !!!

and from online pictures I found !

I will for sure !!! Re-tune the mods that I have made and maybe start another batch !!! That also implies that I will Once again need to make new Moulds !

Right now my MIND is set on making This Dio !


Once I get my CnC router going ..... I'll Carve out of dense Blue Styrofoam, the Bunker Rear Access door and use it as a Back Drop !
the bikes will be out front like in the movie ! I found some nice ILM OLD Blueprints and... they are just crying to get done !

and I have still more ideas !!! but that's for Much later in life ! LOL

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