hello from bama

Welcome aboard, I'm new too. Some of my favorite memories of modeling come from the hobby shop at the Sangley Point Naval Air Station in the Philippines in 1960-62 when I was a wee teen. AMT, Revell, etc. model cars kits were $1.10 or so. Same as the airplane and ship kits. For some reason it was much better than the hobby shop at Clark AFB. I lived in Manila but we went to one or the other just about once every two weeks for shopping the exchanges and commisaries. Subic Bay occasionally too.
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Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the Herd!
You can still find reasonably priced car kits, whether at stores like Michael's or HobbyLobby, or on the secondary market, whether via eBay, or if you visit shows or clubs, too, and make connections with other modelers. It depends what you're looking for.
I look forward to seeing your builds!
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Post pictures of your builds as you go..
Wait until you price some "vintage" kits.....
Welcome! I went to HobbyLobby two weeks ago to see if they had any paints I needed and their model kits were 40% off. Sadly there were only two that interested me but was still a good score.
old model car builder from the 60's and 70's. gave all away when i went into the navy. thinking about building again. man the cost has changed over the years.

Come on in! Hobby Lobby's 40% off is good and if'n you all's Wallyworld has kits, they'll chunk some of them on the "sale" shelf from time to time. If you want your old 60's and 70's kits back, you'll definitely see that "change".
thank you for the warm welcomes. i have been looking at the old kits as well as parts on ebay. i'm in the works of building a 67 rambler post car, and am thinking about using the 69 sc rambler to make a model copy, only difference is the model is a hardtop. i know if i start up again i have a lot of stuff i'll have to buy. yall have a great day.

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