This is Academy's 1/32 scale F-16 falcon. Iv'e never done one this big before and I'm fairly new to aircraft builds but, It's been
a fun one.

I still have lots to do such as landing gear decals and ordinance yet.


Here it is with 2 coats of future anticipating Deculz..

If you need help with the Ordnance Send me a PM. Spent 10 years loading bombs and missiles on F-16s and F-15Es
Hey thanks, I kinda took the 2 greys to the blue'er side as I thought plain grey was too drab. .....Artistc license??

I got some more done on it today as it was raining so I got out of yard work with the wife ;D


The landing gear was a bit of a snot but she's upright now and not a tail sitter....good ol'e split shot.


Still ALOT to do...
Hoover Dam! That looks SWEEEET!

Are you using Testors Enamels? Saw the ol' square bottles. Brings back memories. (in my case...not the good ones.) :)
I use Tamyia acrylics, If the camera shot was a tad higher you would see a whole shelf of them. I mainly use testor enamels for weathering and and fine detail painting.
Hey, Just a big thanks to HWR MKII for helping me with the external stores.

The weapons are being painted as we speak :

managed to get some time last night to get the pilons on, I'm still trying to get the ordinance finished. I have some little touch ups
and other little mistakes to take care of before the final dullcote.


Anyone have any tips on the tail feathers?? I see alot of modellers do them real shiny but most of my referances
show them quite dirty looking.

Clean or dirty?? Hmmmmmmmm...........
Started adding the fun bits.


Well, I'm gonna just focus on getting this bird finished and get her posted in the finished section.
She'll be back in a few days as long as I don't screw anything up. :-\..... ;D

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