Early T'Bolt P-47D


May 9, 2009
Here ya go Baron, This is the T'bolt im working on at the moment . Havnt decide on decals yet but leaning towords Dallas Blonde at this stage!. Paul...




Nice! Which kit is this one? Or is that a Monogram kit, too? The gunsight makes me think that, it looks like the Monogram version.

I have a vacuform canopy for mine, too, from Squadron; the kit was missing the clear sprue. That will be one of the upcoming tasks and posts, tackling cutting the canopy.
Thanks Bud, Mate its a Revell kit but at a guess its of the Ol' Monogram . As for the canopy pack it with Blu tac & it will cut real nice for ya, Had the same issue with the clear sprue wasnt supplied anyway the Squadron ones look a lot better!! Paul...

Thanks for the tip about the BluTac, Paul! I don't have any of that, but I do have Silly Putty, so I'm going to see how that works, I'll post the results in my razorback thread.

It is a nice kit, isn't it? Not to say I wouldn't build the Hasegawa kit, too, but I really enjoy building the old Monogram kits from my youth.
Wow... that is sweet. The checkers are amazing. If it's done with decals... you are a master with the things. They look painted on they conform and fill the space so perfectly.

Nice work would be an insult. Awesome work!

what a Beast @@@

You could get off the seat and run circles in the cockpit..... Man this Bird is a Huge !

Sometimes the Term BIG is Beautiful does Mean something....

Nice going !

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