Early P-47 D


May 9, 2009
Hey Guys this is my latest P-47 to hit the bench its a oTAKI kit has nice panel lines, The kit lacks a bit of detail but nothing a bit of after market gear cant help. The weathers not that flash this weekend down here so might get a bit of time to get some work done! Paul..

Oh yeah it's winter down there isn't it? If you can call that winter....anyways good to see so many jugs being built. My all time favorite bird! I took a break from the Lanc this summer
and built a P-47N. just putting the finishing touches on her this weekend.

I'll take some pics of her and be sure to post. I also have a 1/48 Hasegawa P-47D-25 waiting in the wings but i gotta finish that Lanc. Looking forward to some progress pics of that razor back, good luck!
Hey Sharkie, Bud im not sure yet were im heading with this one yet but its getting time to make it up tho! . Paul...

I don't know about anybody else but when I saw that photo I made airplane noises! Looking strong!
Nice start, Paul!

How is that kit? I might consider building it, too. I'm finding that I'm starting to collect different manufacturers' kits of the same aircraft; I have all of the 1/48 TBFs, for example. That one looks like it's not too bad. What's the cockpit look like?

Can't wait to see more progress!
Hey Brad, Mate its a pretty basic kit but with some aftermarket gear & not bad panel lines it could look pretty good , As for the cockpit not to bad with a aftermarket seat & a few other bits & pieces should come out alright for a cheap kit! Paul.. Still not sure were its heading !!!! :-\
Hey Guys, Finally made it to paint today after way to long, Anyway got some art work on. Just a bit more work & some weathering & she should make it to the shelf!! Paul...

Looks great, I think you nailed it! The decals look like they worked out well.
I know what you mean about the canopy-is that a vacuform? I got Squadron's vacuform for the razorback, and it's not a knock on the product, but a sign of my inexperience with vacuforms, but I agree with you. Very fiddly work, not in cutting it, so much, but in masking it. Yours came out very nice!

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