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May 30, 2009

^ This kit ^

Pretty much what I want to know is it any good? I've never built an academy kit before, and I saw it at the hobby store today (steal at 30% off) and it really caught my eye. I didn't wanna put down that much money though (it's still $45.78 incl tax) without knowing somthing about it. Thanks!
Most of my kits are by Academy. I find them well detailed for the price and fit together well. I know nothing of the kit you mention but I trust Academy and find them comparible to the Tamiya kits.

Sometimes depending on the kit Academy's decals can be a little thick but, Ive noticed they do not always use the same decal manufacturer and this can vary kit to kit.

If you like the price and the subject I would be comfortable telling you to go for it but, don't buy it cuz it's a deal........because it will just become another space takerupper in your stash. :p Buy it because you want to build a Kick Butt Chopper for your collection. ;D
I have not built any helicopters before, but I did just purchased my second Academy kit, a F-8 Crusader in 1:72. It`s a new release (I think) and it`s fabulous - fine, crisp detail. It was fairly inexpensive also, approx $25 CAD.
The Spad XIII I`m working on right now is also an Academy kit (an old one), and is well, not so good. Lots of opportunities for improvement.

Don`t know if that info helps...
Got to admit the decal job on the front would be way cool... 8)
Some Academy moulds come from Hobbycraft and some from Fujimi. Some are original like their amazing Tomcat in 72nd. Check with Aircraft Resources Centre or ARC for a review in their gallery. ARC is an amazing resource. There are a few builds of this model and the words are positive. There is eve a detailed step by step build of one that had a lot of detail being added to the interior.
If you bought it..... How's the inside? Is the kit to die for?

I would like to buy it but need to know if they give you a choice of external fuel tanks!!

Let me know

For the price, Academy makes REALLY decent kits. The details are pretty decent though sometimes you might run into fitting problems but nothing horrific. I can't tell you about that particular kit though.
If its the 1/48 scale kit, its a great kit. The Acad CH-46s were the best helo kits out there til Academy out fifthemselves when they released thier CH-53 series. Good interior detail and great surface detail. I have one on my wish list. Onlyt one set of sponsons with this kit though, usable for early CAF. If you want to to a more modern Labrador, you will need the KV-107 kit plus some resin from Belcher Bits.

From past experience though, I wasnt happy with Acad's decals, the stencil decals for the weapons on my CF-18 barely stuck on, it was like there was no adhesive.
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