Boot topping in 1/350 USS Buchanan


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May 7, 2009
What is the measurement of the boot topping in 1/350?
Just curious, I read it some where but filed it away in the 'Oh I don't care file', and now I do. . .care.
Re: Boot topping in 1/350?

The Black stripe painted on a ship that seperates the Red Oxide hull from the upper hull paint.
Also called the Boot Stripe.
It is rumored to be a kind of visual key to the B'son mates to stop painting at this line or you will get wet.
Re: Boot topping in 1/350?

I was a B'son. . .but before the labotomy, I went aviation.
USS Buchanan

This is a real pain!
The PE is soooooo tiny. Some of it I am, for the sake of sanity I am leaving some out.
And the Dragon instructions are pretty vague as to how to fold up some PE and where it is actually supposed to go!
But I muddle on. . .you 1/700 ship builders get a tip of the hat from me!
I may be goofing off here a lot today. I can only make so much PE stuff under the magnifier!
I think my eyeballs have crossed.



Sooo, advise to those who have never done a ship like this before. . .It is very time consuming!
Enjoyable in a weird way, but only if it all works,which it never seems to on the first try!!
I don't know what those parts are, but they sure look tiny! Be careful on them and post some more pictures, once everything is in place. Looks like this will be some nice build.

Oh and I once bought a 1/700 ship (to abuse it for greeblies) but there weren't too many small parts on it. Most of it was already in place on the two main body halves. 1/1200 ships seem to be much more fiddly, but still... the tinyst stuff I have ever built was that 1/144 harrier, which had parts, which I nigh inhaled! :p
I spent more time under the bench today. . . I dropped a piece.
Still haven't found it :mad:
HI Mac :)
Did the PE come with the kit (Dragon)?
If so contact them via E-mither, sorry E-mail and explain your problem, you never know they might just send you a replacement set. I lost a full canopy set (don't ask) for an Airfix 1/72 scale Avro Lancaster , sent Airfix an E-mither asking them to please help me out of my sticky predicament and hay presto a full new set was dispatched. NB I marked the subject of my E-mither as nothing more than just URGENT, and it went straight to the top bod at Airfix and was ignored by any SPAM filters.
This may help?
But of course the piece was styrene! The tiny piece that supports the radar.
I'll find it. . .someday.
I already scratched a bulkhead! Cut it off the sprue and set it someplace and then couldn't find it. . .
Fashioned the Range finder out of PE and attached today. That was about it, sun n was out and work to be done.
Same tomorrow, installing under ground sprinklers. . .seems like an easy task. . .
I love messing with Mr. Murphy!
Well. . .no explosions, cut cable, electrical, phone or water pouring out of things water shouldn't pour out of.
Back to the Buchanan.
Ships are cool, but they require a lot of waiting. Paint this, wait to dry, attach this wait for glue to dry, paint again, wait for paint to dry. . . Talk about trying the patience of a guy with none!
You see Mac, what you need to do here is, start another model. That way you work on one while the other is drying. Now you have to be careful. This can lead to more than just two models going at once. Why I once heard of a guy that was a six model at a time junkie. Now this guy had it real bad. He was spending all his cash on kits to make sure he had enough on hand. It got so bad he even sold his entire Princess Leia action figure collection. That's right, even the Slave Girl outfit one from Return of the Jedi. Tragic. I hate to think of this happening to you.
I have only three going. . .but have been on a bit of a buying binge lately. . .

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