Academy 1/72 F-8E Crusader WIP


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Oct 26, 2011
Usually I build aircraft gears up as I prefer seeing them in flight, but after picking up the Italeri 1/72 Carrier flight deck kit, I needed to start building a few gears down

I cut the wing flaps and repositioned to mimic a pre- take off type of position

still need to finish the decals and some weathering/fading but I was satisfied with the Light Gull Grey color.
Wound up using Vallejo's straight from the bottle.
I had done a custom mix with Tamiya paints on my previous 3 LIght Gull Grey color scheme with my 1/72 Academy F-14, F-4 and Hasegawa F-8

I also have to remove that "nub" on the tail fin. Apparently it is not supposed to be there, or is only there on later models or something?

P2281907 (2).JPG

P2281906 (2).JPG
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looks good, as for the "nub" it may be a RWR or an IFF antenna. I know our F-15's had an antenna up on their vertical tail. Somebody out there must be a Crusader expert!
Finished for the most part other than adding the missiles/bombs, but I am tempted to add just a little more weathering

It is very subtle as is and the pics don't really pick it up, but...



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