Academy 1/72 P-51 Mustang B/C


Jan 28, 2024
Hello! Wanted to share my progress with the group.


Just primer here on the cockpit interior. Hindsight what it is, I feel like I should have masked off the exterior, I did not.


I glued the tail on and painted the interior colors. This was before weathering. I also overestimated my ability to paint the instrument panel so it won't be much to look at. After this I gloss coated the interior, did an oil wash (first time ever!), and then sealed it.


Not much to look at but there were a couple spots I wanted to touch up on the interior. From there I glued the two fuselage halves together and used some Frog Tape to try and hold it together. I will be getting some clamps! I also assembled the wings.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow the seam won't be too bad and I'll be getting started on the glass. Going for an open cockpit and I want to try masking off the clear parts.
Well my taping of the fuselage and wings was not enough to get a good bond between sections. I did find a few clamps and reglued the sections, hoping for a better bond tomorrow.
Work continues slowly. I filled the gaps (not many!), sanded, them tried to attach the wings to the fuselage. Very tight fit! Will get some pictures shortly but it's starting to look like a plane.
Clothes pins for wings and rubber bands for fuselage.
Thank you!

Actually that's what I did the second time - rubber bands on the fuselage.

Clothespins would have been better than the clamps, I was worried the clamps would damage the wings so I only used them on the thicker parts.
Well had some pretty severe gaps in the fuselage and at the wing roots. Used some super glue to get the wing sections back together. I'm going to wait on the fuselage until I get some extra thin cement.

This section will be a problem for me because I don't know how to deal with it being recessed.


This part separated. I was irritated and decided to put it down before I made things worse.

It will be there tomorrow.
Went back to this model after completing my Bulldog. Got the two fuselage sections together and started working on the landing gear. I messed up and glued one of the landing gears the wrong way!



Maybe I should remove the gear doors until after I paint them?

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