1/72 dimensions of a basic house


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Dec 1, 2023
Hi all
I am trying to create a diorama for the first time, I would like to create a basic house next to a 1/72 Challenger 1 tank. The problem is the measurments of the house, epecially the height. How much us needed for the main wall & how much for the roof.

Please can someone give an example?
Many thanks
The exterior walls of a 1 story home are 10 feet tall, give or take a couple inches. I think the exact measurement is 9 feet 10 inches. So I would just round up to 10 feet.

If you want to make a 2 story home, exterior walls will be 20 feet. There are a couple inches you are supposed to add in there for structure between floors, but at the scale you are working in I wouldn't bother.

And these are American home measurements. Things might be different in Europe.

I hope this helps.

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