1. H

    1/72 dimensions of a basic house

    Hi all I am trying to create a diorama for the first time, I would like to create a basic house next to a 1/72 Challenger 1 tank. The problem is the measurments of the house, epecially the height. How much us needed for the main wall & how much for the roof. Please can someone give an example...
  2. Jared

    Dioramas for the 5DR mech and MILVUS-62 drone

    Hi It's cool to be back here with new stuff :) A new thing I'd like to share. These are the 5DR "Rescue labor" mech with a mechanic, and a new model MILVUS-62 drone with an operator mini. Both on display with dioramas during the miniature paint festival in Warsaw this weekend. All of them are...
  3. G

    V-1 Buzz Bomb Awaiting Launch

    Just started building dioramas a few months ago. This is my first post on a scale model forum. Recently completed a diorama which depicts a V-1 Rocket Bomb set up on the launch sled. I based the design off of pictures I found online as well as some YouTube documentaries about the V-1 bomb. The...