Pros and Cons of painting tank tracks before or after


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Jan 19, 2022
Good day all,

I hand paint, i dont have the tools or abilities at this time to airbrush.

I have a Ryefield RM5050 and am closing in on the tank tracks. Curious as per title of pros/cons of painting before and after assembly - lots of parts to this one.

Thanks everyone.

Tank tracks.png
I do the same, be careful of excess glue on the finish paint. You will to paint over that.
Thank you kindly. FWIW, i did mean assembled as in the lower left photo, not while on tank. im nervous of painting prior to assembling the tracks as the pins and such are tiny.
Oh , the track itself .
I paint that after it is all together

Thought we were talking about the running gear
gotcha, i type stuff and it makes sense to me at the time, but when i revisit, it doesnt, lol. ty again.
You'll definitely run into clearance issues with part fit due to the paint thickness if you paint those links individually

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