1/48th Scale Saturn V


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Dec 7, 2020
Hi folks. I've been building this rocket since July of 2015. This is a flying scale representation of the Saturn V standing at 7'5" tall. It will recover in two sections each with it's own parachute. This was originally a kit from Sheri's Hot Rockets now OOP. I will be showing photos of most of the build here. The upper section recovers on a 5 ft. chute while the lower booster end recovers on an 8 ft. parachute. This flies on a Reloadable Motor System which first flights will use a J275-W motor. Computer estimates apogee at 1600' ft.
Three of the four resin fin shrouds were warped upon receipt. I tossed out all four and scratch built them out of cardboard tubing.
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Using the pattern that came with the kit, I traced this onto the tube and cut out all four shrouds.
IMG_0002 (2).JPG
Once again the pattern was used to mark off where the stringers would go. The lower section was simply marked with pencil. The upper section I used a pin, then using tape to connect the marks.
IMG_0001 (12).JPG
Using the supplied styrene pieces, I cut out what I needed. IMG_0002 (6).JPG

IMG_0001 (13).JPG
And glued them between the shrouds.
IMG_0002 (11).JPG
Plywood centering rings where the motor tube will go through is epoxied in place.
IMG_0001 (14).JPG
End of motor tube sanded down to provide better grip for the metal engine retainer using JB Weld.
IMG_0001 (16).JPG
This is a two piece retainer. A screw on cap goes over this. You can see the lip inside which prevents the motor from shifting forward. The cap prevents shifting the other way. Positive retention.
Prior to the covid breakout, I have been building much of this inside a Starbucks shop. I have the largest table to work on. Everyone calls it 'my' table.
IMG_0002 (15).JPG
An early morning shot with my Zed in front. When weather permits, I carry the full stack. With the top up, I break this down into the two separate sections. It all fits in the passenger side.

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