1/4 (captain's quarters)


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Jun 16, 2009
I have no idea about the name of this kit. All that I can tell you is that it is a piece sculpted by Bome, and that it was a cold cast Thai resin that was hell to work with, especially when sanding. Other than the colors, I changed the leggings to see-through stockings.

The kit itself is brittle and a piece of hair has already fallen off and repaired. The cabin was made from wood and the hangers bought from a craft store -I had to modify the one for the skirt, otherwise it would not fit properly. Then again the skirt is a bit too small and would not fit her anyway. :D

The hat is supposed to have a plume, however it was missing from the kit. Modification done with Milliput.

The old map was downloaded and printed from the net.

here is a link to the original sculpt. I cannot copy and paste the pic.

Same pics also here:

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Whoa love her stockings. :eek: And all the little detail you always add in your Dioramas / Bases. Very great commitment. ;D
That's great! I love the details that really make the scene pop, like the map & the hangers. Course your figure is fantastic, too!

I have a figure of Belldandy from e2046, too. Just been waiting for the right time to build her up.

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