1/1400 Trek wall display beginnings


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May 4, 2009
Alot of you know im not a rabid trek fan by any means. This does not mean i dont have an appreciation for the show. I also have great appreciation for those who are meticulous about recreating the finish on such models like the 1/350 refit.

A few years back i wanted to get started doing a 1/1400 wall display for my father in law. Mainly all the ships that carried the name Enterprise in 1/1400 scale. I have all the ships i need from the Refit to the E. I am going to get a TV connie as well but that is a much simpler paint finish than any of the other ships so ill save it for last. The Miranda/Reliant is in there mostly for myself but also as a start and companion piece for all the baddies or "other guys" This may go as far as to include Defiant, Voyager and so on.

The Refit in these shots is mostly complete. I used decals for the saucer and hand painted a faux aztec over the rest of it. I also hand painted the hardback and deflector patterns as best i could based on available references. I know the Refit has some saucer droop. Thats from a mismatch at the base of the saucer. I can fix it easily just havent done it since i want to get more of the ships done.

None of these models are perfect i know. The B and Reliant still have some paint touch ups left. They will also get aztec decals for the saucer and a faux pattern on teh engineering section and engines. So far I am pleased with the result. The point of the models is to have them look good in a collection on the wall not to enter any contests. The paint is a bit trying at times but when that happens i put them up for a while and forget about them. Then i come back to the references fresh and complete a little more. Still in boxes are the C, D and E ships.

I hope you like what you see and dont be too harsh. I normally dont build Trek stuff.

Usually I don't like Star Trek. But seeing more and more model builds of the show I am starting to like some of the enterprises. Those are also some excellent build ups! Nice work! :D
Thanks guys. I did a little more work on the Enterprise B tonight(the big one). Got more info from some new ref shots and just cleaned some things up. Going to see about getting some decal paper tomorrow so i can print out some hull aztec panels. Need to look into doing that for the C, D and E as well though they are more grey in tone. Mainly the saucer needs the aztec pattern on the B but if i can find pattterns for the rest of the hull ill print those too. Even if i have to strip and repaint ill do it.
Wow! What a great presentation! Those are amazing and I echo the "can't wait" setiment
They look great.

I was just wondering, are those resin kits from StarCrafts. If so how did you find them to put together. I'm thinking of picking up StarCrafts 1:1000 Romulan BoP...
I HAD that refit model too...what fond memories.

Sadly, the vengeful soon to be ex wife destroyed it by throwing a bunch of stuff on top of it. I don't blame her..but I did think about finding something heavy enough to kill at least three of her silkstone barbies.

And at that scale, it was amazingly detailed, and much more accurate than the old AMT kit.

I applaud you on the intricate detail you managed to get on these kits.

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