Whadda ya readin'?


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May 7, 2009
I have picked up Patriot Pirates by Robert Patton. (Yes, of the famous Patton line).
Not exactly what the title leads one to believe, I assumed it would be about the Continental Navy and the Privateers with Letters of Marque, but it is mostly of the political struggle of the newly formed Congress and how totally unpreparred they were to wage war at the beginning.
Very few actual reference to the Privateers other than the occasional kudos; "The 16 gun sloop Privateer Gabby brought in two prizes, both with muskets, clothing and powder, which were quickly sent off to Washington and his troops."
I would be more interested in the actual Privateers and they battles they had but allin all it does make me think about looking for a model of a sailing ship. . .

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