Watercraft Admiral Graf Spee


Jun 10, 2013
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Category: Watercraft

Name of Build: Admiral Graf Spee

Kit manufacturer: Aacdemy

Scale: 1/350

This is made from the Academy kit, using the help of Photo Etch from White Ensign Models, Eduard, Lion Roar, Gold Medal Models, resin parts from HP Models, Master Barrels for most of the guns. I raided the Revell Bismarck for its 20mm AA, too. The kit is modified to an earlier fit, when the AGS was on embargo patrol in the Med during the Spanish Civil War. Hence the national markings painted on the turrets. Calling this build "finished" is a bit strange. All necessary parts are attached with the exception of the recon plane, which should be a Heinkel He 60. This plane is not avilable in 1/350 scale, so I will have to scratch build it, but that, next to the rigging does not fit the time frame of the contest. So, for now we call the plane to be away on a recon mission.
Thanks for all the nice feedback and encouragement. I certainly hope you enjoyed watching the development as much as I did enjoy the build.

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