Feb 23, 2024
Seeing as how were getting closer to TORCAN 2024 being held on Saturday, September 14th 2024 at Save Max Sports Center in Brampton Ontario. I figured I would post a thread and see if any of our “Ontario” Canadian addicts are planning to head to it? Or perhaps enter?. Im definitely going to be there for the ability to buy stuff, and im toying with the idea of entering some stuff, I will of course need to get my skills, and equipment back up to the levels I had them at before I had to take my Hiatus due to health issues. Aswell as probably knock out a practice model of anything I would be considering entering.

Looking at all the categories of everything, I would be sticking to what I know the best and that would be 1/48 scale WW2 Aircraft Out Of the Box (Allied & Axis), and 1/35 scale WW2 Armour Out Of The Box (Allied & Axis). These have always been what I love to do the most so I figured that is what I should probably enter into a competition .
Im just wondering if any other Ontario Addicts are planning or thinking of the idea of entering anything and what categories are you thinking of?

Cant wait to see who’s planning on going/entering and what they're planning to enter!!


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