New at Modeler's Brand: 2014!


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Aug 30, 2009
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Light the clear 1701-D without trenching the pylons!

A construction guide is documented in this video playlist:

An 8x10 poster with full content list. Rt-clk and save as, 3.5mb.

And returning from far-dimensional space, the Starship Glow Kit!

In conjunction, the Mystery Glow Kit returns from its trek into deep-space unknowns!

Have a browse around the full catalog here.
From working 2 simultaneous fulltime jobs the first half of the year to marrying the woman of my dreams mid-year to a normal full time job for a couple months, tending a sick mother on the other side of the country for a full month and more flights for holidays with new relatives and a few here at 'home', 2013 was a crazy year for me.

It's only now in January that I'm catching up with things I needed to be doing back in September. All along I've had a focus on slowly growing Modeler's Brand, the culmination of which being the posting of these lighting kits.

Adding shopping cart functionality to was also a paramount achievement. For the first 2.5yrs, all the orders were done by email only. While it allowed me to tailor orders to specific needs, I'm sure the notion of having to email an order would put some folks off.

So with all this out of the way, there is only one model I want to focus on for the next couple months, the albatross around my neck known as the Moebius Jupiter 2! Building a 2nd tholian 1701, the clear 1701-D and a minor figure piece have helped warm me up. Going into the J2 from a 9 month cold start would have been tough. Especially with all the pcb soldering immediately in front of me!

With that done, plugging LEDs into the various fiber bundles along with some minor interior work on the back room and then it's moving on to the outer hull. I am so close to finsihed with this thing, but still far enough away to know there's a good chunk of work still ahead.

A happy new year and best wishes to everyone.

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