Tamiya 1/48 scale Avro Lancaster BIII build



This kit is 34 years old. It's discontinued now and seemingly hard to find anymore.


I opened the box and it smelled like old news papers and the catologue inside was from 1975.

kinda cool actually!

I'm building this for my father'n law for Christmas as he is a Lancaster NUT but doesn't build so Ssshhhh!

I'm going to try to build this out of the box however I will scratch build the flap assembly with styrene from Evergreen
as it will be landing on a diorama base(She gonna be a big'n!) I will be using prop blurs as well.

I was concerned about the old decals and finding the POS sugar ones in 1/48 from an aftermarket dealer is going to be hard, so I
tested one off the sheet that I was not using and it functioned fine so fingers crossed.

I will post lots of build photo's but will post links to try and take it easy on the bandwidth here.

Well, here I go. As always any suggestions or links or whatever are greatly appreciated. I really feel that building a Lanc is almost a right
of passage for an aircraft builder so I hope I don't screw it up. ;)
Fotunately I do have lots of time so no rush.
Sweet! I can't wait to see the finish product! I have a ME 109E in the finishing stage. The model kit was made from 1973 Monogram. The decals seem to work as I am putting them on as I type ;D That model looks like a very big one! :eek: Well get to work! :D Cya!
Backbreaker said:
Check out this link for loads of info regarding the build and aftermarket sets, including photo etch flap assembly sets.
This lot should give you plenty to read ;D

Hey thanks for the link. I try to stay away from aftermarket parts I love to build my own if I can and they are expensive. I'll give you a sneak peek at
my scratch built flaps. I finished one wing today.

I started on the flaps first.

If you are concerned about the decals I suggest getting some Microscale Liquid Decal Film. A couple coats over the decals and then just use them as normal. I use a brush to apply this to my older decals before using them.

HTH and God Bless,

Referance photo


my flaps with some paint on.



Not perfect but convincing enough for me. I'm going to bed. :p
What can i say, who needs aftermarket sets! ;D
Excellent work the results are stunning :eek:. I have so much to learn :(
Can't wait to see more ;)
Wow. This looks like an extraordinary build! Good luck and don't stop posting pictures to this. Your modified flaps look really great already.
I believe it is the same basic kit. They might have added a bit too it, just so they could justify (in their minds) the price increase....in the neighborhood of $120 now!
I started on the engine nacelles.


But we ran into a little problem with the fit.........


Just for the record the nacelle halves were not modified horizontaly. I would love to speak with the design guru at Tamiya who
approved THAT! :eek:
Some very skilful scratch building mate. Keep going, it's very enjoyable to watch.
I measured the other wings nacelles and after dry fitting them they were fine. I must have done something but have yet to catch my error.

We'll see how the other wing goes...maybe I'll figure it out. :p
Tamiya re issued and retooled that kit....

Glad to see this OLD girl... out of the Closet and being build for a Real fan !!!

Take your time.... she will shine !!!

later !
I have one of these too that I was going to convert to a Lincoln until I saw one being built! WAAAYYYY too big for my cabinet!
Good luck mate looks like it's going to be good.

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