Tamiya 1/24 Morris Mini Cooper 1275S Monte Carlo Rally


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Apr 16, 2013
This is week, I gotten a present from my aunt. It was the Moris Mini Cooper Rally. So Far, I built the engine, washed the parts in dish soap. and today I primer the parts and are drying all day.

One thing I did change was the Skid plate. I pinned drill holes in the front.

I forgot what size bit I used, note to self: never mix the bits up.

For Primer. I don't use clips, I use skewers and toothpicks to hold my pieces on some package foam. the smaller pieces will stay in the tree and sprayed holding them with my hand. I'm sorry about the pics, they where taken on my IPhone.

More to come.
Today, gotten most of the engine detail done. I added chrome silver all around the engine. I used Ian's idea of liquid masking the small parts, only problem, I used Parma's liquid mask. It ate my paint of the parts. :( Hobby Town in my area would say it would take weeks for Mr. Masking Sol Neo, I had to end up buying at amazon for 6.00 for the bottle. I used "gloss red" for the chassis, but I am thinking of repainting it to a "guards red."





So far this is how much I gotten done. More to come.
Update 4/29/13

If Tamiya would ever retool this model....one thing they need to change. The axles and disc brake assembly. This was a pain for me and I ended up breaking the driver side axle. So I did a few changes with the brakes, by using a reamer so the front drum can fit smoothly to the front unbroken axle. I did repeat this phase after the glue dried. I added more deatailing with the distributer cap ends with Tamiya titaniam gold paint. I also used this paint on the bigger bolts on the calipers on the brakes. Chrome Silver was added later on to add more detail for bolts. I realized I was a dummy to use gloss red for painting the chassis. So, I ended up spraying with Guards Red, it's a great color, and it looks mathing the same as the art work on the box.

Here are tonights pictures.






Next: detail and interior.

`Boots` said:
Great work bud..........that little engine looks superb :)
Thanks! I wish I can make it stand out more adding wiring. I would like to find a topic that can help me do that.
Today was my day off. I work at a Super Market. Today was too hot to fish or hit the trails on my cross country mountain bike. So I worked on my mini today. I used a lot of liquid masking tape on the area painted guards red. I had my fingers cross, making sure, that no over spray touched the red. Sucess! It came out perfect!

Here is the finished chassis. looks great!

I then went ahead and assemble everything. So far, it is coming out how the way I want it to look.

http://www.7-forum.com/bild.php?bild=news/2011/essen_motor_show/100_jahre_rallye_monte_carlo/mini_cooper_s_4849-b.jpg&title=MINI%20Cooper%20S,%20Siegerwagen%20der%20Rallye%20Monte%20Carlo%201967,%20Fahrer:%20Rauno%20Aaltonen&cpy=cs I found this site with the actual car.

Here is my question to you builders........
I am going to weather the chassis, but should I use the tamiya weatherkit first or should I get the AK kit?

Happy building everyone!
Looks excellent.

For weathering, what AK products are you looking to get?
Ian said:
Looks excellent.

For weathering, what AK products are you looking to get?

Well, this will be my first time using AK. I would like to do some weathering like dust, dried mud, fresh mud, and fuel grime.
Update: Tamiya Mini Cooper Rally 5/8/13

I've been busy with the NHL playoffs (GO SHARKS!) to work on my mini. Today I worked on it and the main goal was to do scrapes, grime, and rust. I used a flat blake that was very thinned out on a brush and used my air brush to give it a affect that the grime was rolled all around and not in one place. I also used the wash on the wheels to show brake dust.

Here it what the wheel well looks like. It look too red so I wanted to tone it down a notch.

Here is the Mini's wheel. It is painted in Chrome silver, but I added the wash on it to simulate that it has been in the Monte Carlo Rally battling it up.

Here is the scrapes and I simulated metal and rust. I am very happy how it came out.

this is a very hard picture to see the detail of the grime on the engine, but it you look at the rest of the compartment, you can see more of the wash.

This is something I am proud of. The drybrushing on the skid plate.
I believe it came out fantastic. I did add some dry brushing on the exhaust. From watching shows like "Wheeler Dealers" the owners said that the minis are known to have rust issues.

I also did the interior, but they gray paint are a pain in the ass, and I have to redo it.
Thank you everyone. Been busy. Will be getting back on this model soon. Been working on the Petty 1/16, 1/16 Street Charger, and Sox and Martin Plymouth GTX.

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