Star Wars Millenium Falcon Parts ID Guide


May 6, 2009
I have found some cool japanese blog, where a guy identified nearly all (?) of the Falcon's parts, which ILM used back then. Even if you don't plan to scratchbuild a Millenium Falcon, it sure is an interesting sight!
wow that is crazy. I wish I could read Japanese. What an intense thing to take on.
ILM kitbashed from all kinds of models. Many armor kits ended up on the Falcon.
Incredible! I plan to make my own 5 foot ILM Model exactly as the way it was done the day. I can't tell you what a presence that model has. I remember seeing it from a distance and it was just SOOOO BIG! it was AMAZING beyond expression to look at the model up close, It was so well built and tidy and sturdy.

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