Space 1999 Eagle


Resin Comando
May 10, 2009
Can anyone recommend a good Space 1999 Eagle transporter?
I don't want to spend a mint but I also don't want a piece of crap. There are some studio scale ones that are poo and over 1000 bucks. I was gonna get one that was 12 inches long and supposedly accurate (Warp) but the reviews trashed the resin used as useless and very hard to work with. So much extra effort had to be put into supporting the landing pods as the weight if the kit will snap them off. I really want something interesting for the film class I am teaching. I have a big section on green screening and I want to do Sci-fi with something cool like the Eagle.
Hi Gary,

Federation models has several Eagles in thier Warp section of the on-line store. I've never built or ordered one so I cann't comment if they're any good. I think they are a great subject, but the $150 USD is a little more than I can afford right now.

Anyways the link is below.

Good luck.

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