Sisters of Battle-Order of the Blessed Flame


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Next build in the "Order of the Blessed Flame" series starts with the new, all-plastic, Sisters of Battle boxed army set

I'll also build up the Celestine set

As well as a couple of personality models

Lots of chunky plastic to work with in the boxed set

Canoness Veridyan, Inquisitor Greymane, Sister Superior Amalia Novena

Canoness and Penitent Engine

Sister Superior with Simulacra, Heavy Bolter, and Heavy Flamer Sisters

Rank and file Battle Sisters

Repentia Superior with Sisters Repentia

Arco Flagellants


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Seraphim Sisters

Celestine the Living Saint and her Geminae Superior

Figures were given a base coat of Vallejo's dark grey primer

Color coat of Vallejo brass

On the Penitent Engine and the Flagellants, I went with a color coat of GW's Leadbelcher

Drybrushed the Sisters with Vallejo gold

Drybrushed the Penitent Engine and Flagellants in silver


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For Celestine and her Geminae, I opted to go with a color scheme more closely matching the box art illustrations, using White and GW Mephiston Red. Weapons were detailed with GW Leadbelcher

For the Sisters themselves, I used a similar scheme to what I'd used on the 'Sisters of Eternal Mercy.'
The red here is Tamiya transparent red
The weapons and some other details were picked out in GW's Leadbelcher
The bone and seal details were painted in with white
Skin was painted in with various colors, as was the hair




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Sister Superior Novena figure, flanked by the Heavy Weapons Sisters

Sister Superior flanked by Sisters and the Simulacra

I lost my mojo on the Penitent Engine and the Flagellents, so they were not finished

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