Sisters of Eternal Mercy-Sisters of Battle "Order of the Blessed Flame"


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This time on the bench, we have some of Raging Heroes' "Sisters of Eternal Mercy" that I picked up off Ebay.
The plan here is to use them to test out the color scheme I plan on using when I get the new Sisters of Battle from Games Workshop



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Assembly of the figures was mostly straightforward, although there were a couple where I had to fiddle with a connection point for a backpack or shield.



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With the figures assembled, I airbrushed a primer coat of Vallejo's dark grey primer.
I figure this will also give me a good base for shadows without having to resort to a black wash.

With the primer coat dry, I airbrushed a base coat of Vallejo brass to give me the gold base color I was wanting.



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Drybrushed the figures in Vallejo gold after the base coat had dried.
I also drybrushed the feathered wings on the one figure in white to help them stand out

I went in and painted the main parts of the armor with Tamiya transparent red using a technique akin to how the colors of the Iron Man Mk3 were done
Weapons and other metallic details were picked out with Citadel's "Leadbelcher"
I used three different flesh colors for the various figures.
The eyes were picked out using white and green (as well as my newly acquired opti-visor) on the figures whose eyes weren't obscured by their hoods
Hair was painted in with whites, blondes, and at least one redhead

Finished build pics
"Knights of the Chalice" or, as I like to call them, "Sisters of Battle Terminators"



dumpsters, divers and details
Your application of transparent red over the metallic is very effective.

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