Scratched AT-ST from a while back


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Apr 24, 2009
About 2.5 years ago I started a Battle of Hoth diorama using 3 Ertl AT-ATs. I wanted to add an AT-ST to the build. After much debate about scale I settled on building it. I ended up getting the head wrong (it's the Return of the Jedi style head) but at the end of the day it looks like an AT-ST. I haven't returned to this build since then, I will someday. This little guy isn't painted yet.

[attachment deleted by admin]
And here are a few of the progress pics.

[attachment deleted by admin]
Wow, very interesting. That sure looks great. Especially at that size. A tad skinny looking maybe, but great nonetheless. Applause!
Thanks, yeah he is a bit skinny. I gotta revisit this and finish it, lol.
The legs have guitar string and little pieces out of a transistor radio.
Great work Scott. I like the last pic with the AT AT stomping along in the back ground, very cool.

Uggghhh, wait just one moment there Scott...

A regular guy with regular skill...

That is off the YouTube channel page... "regular skill"??? Not if you are building stuff like that! I have been mislead!!! I demand my money back!!!

Oh.... yeah, I didn't pay any money.

All kidding aside, very nice work. I will have to put that on the "to do" list as the vehicle is so neat. Although, I might like to build the Hailfire first...

Oh, and great forum also...
Thanks guys. I got to revisit that and finish it. And welcome, welcome welcome. Good to see the 3 of you here. Make sure to post lots and together this forum can grow like a bad to say.
Sure you could! That was my first scratch build. I just broke it down into simple shapes and took my sweet old time.
Really cool to see some of your early stuff. This piece is really well built, especially considering the scale. Great work mate!

Chas ;)
Looks great Scott, nice job.
I like tiny stuff, although i'm not great at it anymore.
My eyes fail me these days with the smaller stuff, and i never use magnifying glasses, i get dizzy from them :)

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