Robotics Vol.2: Kiryu bugaloo


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Jun 27, 2021
Hey all! Just got the next project in from!

Yep, its MechaGodzilla 2002/2003! Also known as Kiryu(bleech). IT IS BIG. I didn't think it was gonna be this big. I won't be starting this immediately, as I wanna get more done on the 3 ship set, but once I order the JT Graphics decals for that set I will likely start on this at that point since I guess he is taking a while getting orders filled thanks in part to wuflu.
I thought that was their blue with the white A , but wasn't sure .
Have several of their ship kits . ,, couple of cars too .
I thought that was their blue with the white A , but wasn't sure .
Have several of their ship kits . ,, couple of cars too .
Cool. I want their Showa Godzilla era Maser Tank, and I especially want their screen accurate Airwolf kit.
Poor Jan-Michael Vincent .
He didn't end well
No. Really sad. And he HATED being on Airwolf despite how big a star it made him. That's why there were those two episodes with that doctor who is also a pilot, they were setting up to get rid of String and make the doctor guy the lead. But Earnest Borgnine talked Vincent into staying on because he was convinced if Vincent left the show would die.
So started the build. Well... painting. I quickly realized the silver the kit's molded in is pretty bleech, so my detail paint only mantra got thrown outta the window. Right now I am concentrating on the head and neck. I'm using my Vallejo Steel, brushed on. 20211106_233607.jpg20211107_000940.jpg20211107_000946.jpg20211107_000949.jpg

And you can also now see the purpose of that weird plastic thing I bolted to the bench. It was originally a dvd rack from a cabinet I used in my old workbench setup, and I ripped the rack out to use as a parts rack. Cos why spend $30 or more for a parts rack when I have this for free?:p
Definitely liking what I'm seeing so far.
Seams on the back of the neck worry me a little, but only a little
Upper torso is mostly built. I panel lined the head and neck and slapped them and the finished right arm on. I gotta panel line the arms though along with clearcoat. And gotta do both to the torso but I am not quite ready for that yet.20211107_223720.jpg20211107_223733.jpg
Things moving right along...20211108_234106.jpg20211108_234108.jpg20211108_234110.jpg20211108_234115.jpg20211108_234118.jpg
I need to finish clearcoat and detail painting on the tail sections, then do the backplates up. Then he comes together, and then decals and some light weathering. Then the gauntlets and backpack are up.

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