Revell (Matchbox) M40 GMC 1:76


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Feb 26, 2021
My latest work for a Korean War Groupbuild. I kinda like these little 1:76 Matchbox tanks with bases which are reboxed by Revell, nothing special and old, but a pleasure to build. This one took me less than 6 days. It's primed with AK Interactive Acrylic Primer Black, painted with Revell Aqua (so the paintjob wasn't a pleasure as you can imagine), gloss coated with Tamiya X-22 and matte coated with VMS Varnish HD Matte. The mud is from normal mud from outside, brown paint and PVA glue. Rest of the Weathering are oil wash an several products by Ammo and AK. The kind of glossy finish is due to 90% of the model being covered in AK Wet Effects, to make it look like it is standing in the rain for weeks (rain period). More pictures of all the progress on my Instagram:

M40GMC_11.jpeg M40GMC_12.jpeg M40GMC_13.jpeg M40GMC_14.jpeg M40GMC_15.jpeg

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