RAAF Vampire FB-31. 1/48


May 9, 2009
Hey Guys, Got This 1/48 RAAF FB-31 Vampire on the bench at the moment, El'cheapo Chinese kit so I thru some aftermarket gear at it, New canopy, resin intake conversion & a Martin Baker Injector Seat. try & get some paint near it soon!!! Paul..


Re: RAAF Vampire F-30 1/48

Gotta love a challenge like that eh? Grab a cheap and/or old kit and just see what you can do with it. Lookin' good so far, btw. Those intakes are nice. From Seamless Suckers, perchance?
Re: RAAF Vampire F-30 1/48

I fail to recall which company makes these Air Intakes ???

it does Boast the overall Look of the kit !

and a Resin Seat will also attract lots of attention to your Cockpit !

Let us know if you have made some progress on this !!!

Take care !
Re: RAAF Vampire FB-31 1/48

Thanx Guys, Havnt had much time of late with Xmas on our door step so hopefully in the new year should hit the paint shop, Decals are all done for the Ol' Girl getting edgy my self to get her finished !! Paul...
Well Guys, Finally made paint & got the decals on just a bit more detail & a light lick with the weatherin brush should see her done. Paul....




Thanx Bud, Im thinking your a tad bias being an Aussie , But hey it turned out not bad for El Cheapo kit !!! Paul...
Great job. That's a really cool build you got there. Interesting design too.

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