Purpose of Group Builds?


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Dec 8, 2009
What is the purpose of "group builds"? Is it just something that you can do together with each other type of thing? I'm just wondering, I see them around other community sites and just wondering how they work. Is there one guy you follow along and everyone just build as he does? Is it for learning or just doing a "togetherness" thing or both?
You got it. When Scott comes back we are building a King Tiger. Everyone is going to include a tree and a figure. It's going to be great to see what everyone comes up with.
OK I see. That sounds fun. I'mma put the king tiger then on my list and get it ordered soon.

I see he's just doing it through his video which means he revord his builds in steps and then we follow along I take it. I'm wondering if we're allowed to do our own SMA-NH members builds together then? We can actually stream the lead but I guess picking a day and time is what would be hard since it seems we have lots of people all over the place. lol
Yeah, I've wondered if anyone would want to participate in a group build independant of something Scott's doing. It might keep interests up on the site, which I feel is for a noble cause.
I'd join if Scott doesn't mind us doing some as a SMA-NH community build. Get some more action moving in here. I subscribed over at promodellers but they have a different feel there. I dunno, just a thought. :)
Hey Guys, What sort of Build do you guys have in mind, Im thinking 1/48 Aircraft Build !!! lets hear ya thoughts get things on the move again around here. . Paul.....
I'm feeling bad about not getting started on my King Tiger yet (I have one track assembled), but I do have a 1/48 F-86D Sabre Dog that needs to get done so---
How will this exactly works btw? Is there someone that leads the build? Do we do it in steps?

Hey Chung, Mate seeing this post was started by you & you havnt ran a group build before heres your big chance so your it! Mate . So we need a theme & a start & finish date. & you make up the rules, we all build to it. Paul...

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