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Jan 19, 2022
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Recently back into building and havent done anything with photo etch until now. I have done a fair amount of research about PE bending tools and noticed there is a ton of info out there about what is recommended to get, the different types and styles and their qualityq, and a lot on how to use your typical straight edge portion of the tool.

I totally get how to bend straight portions of PE, and i understand there are tools for rolling as well, but what about the other portions of the bending tools - how do you use the different grooves, angles, tooltips and curves? I was unsuccessful scouring the forums and internet videos on these.

I have a set of Photo-Etch parts for my 1:24 R34 Spec R, and I've been to scared to start to tackle it because of the PE learning curve.
" how do you use the different grooves, angles, tooltips and curves? "

The different width fingers and beveled edges are just to facilitate bending various shapes . Boxes with perpendicular sides etc .
There's no secret to them , they're what they appear to be .
The bevels allow for slightly over-bending the brass so you can make it stay at a 90 degree bend , Or , bending it further if that is required .
Thanks Urumomo - thats kind of where i was headed - i just dont want to ruin anything by experimenting, so was curious.
Over at Aircraft Resource Center is a collection of articles on working with photo-etch parts and tools:
You might enjoy browsing those. The authors mention an outfit called The Small Shop, who make the Hold and Fold tool, among others. Small Shop's website is You might enjoy having a look at their site, too.

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