Panther Aufs A Later production


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Apr 24, 2009
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Category: Armor

Name of Build: Panther Aufs A Later production

Kit manufacturer: Dragon

Scale: 1/35

this was really fun build.

Dragon Kit 6358 is nicely detailed but lacked Zimmert so first task was to Apply Atak Zimm, a messy job getting it from the carrier film.

I have based this on a fictorious tank as i wanted to try out some stuff, and go to town with a worn off white wash.

extras used were
Fruil tracks
Rb Mg 34 barrel
Fruil Drive wheels
Armorscale AA plates
Griffon storage bins
Griffon Rear dec AA plates
Karaya tow cables

there is more Pictures in my build Thread if you would like to see more, 6 pics aint enough!!

Final Images


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