Panel Line Markers question


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Aug 31, 2023
I use fine point panel line markers on my kits. Or at least I try to anyways.


I bought a brand new marker, I stored it marker point down until I used it a week later. And it works great for like 3 minutes and then quits. And no mater what I do I can't get it to work again. And if I shake it ink pours out everywhere. I shook a previous marker, not this one.

So what am I doing wrong?

I have heard these markers work better on surfaces with some resistance, so I used it on a kit with a semi gloss finish. And like I said, the marker works great and then suddenly quits.

I knew I had seen a similar question recently. It's just not here at SMA, it was in the FineScale Modeler forum:

I don't know if you use the same type of marker that the poster over at FSM does, but some of the suggestions might be useful to you. The replies all revolve around using a solvent to dissolve the ink or other medium that has dried in the tip.
I replied over there.

I have dipped these markers into alcohol and let them soak for a minute or so. Didn't work. I also tried Mr Leveling Thinner because I didn't have any lacquer thinner handy. Still not working.
try Tamiya extra thin .
I know you have some of that .

" if I shake it ink pours out everywhere. "
not a good sign .
Sounds like the ink bladder is broken , broken loose
I took the metal tip assembly off of the marker. The ink is just loose inside the body of the marker and then the tip has some sort of wick. There is a little absorbant stick that reaches into the marker a bit and thats it.

I'll have to give that extra thin "substance" a shot.
I soaked the tip overnight in Mr Leveling Thinner. Still not working.

The I said F it and I ran the tip across some sand paper. Nothing.

So I bought a gundam marker that lasted like 3 panel lines. WWEEEEEE
I should add that I bought a marker from the local Blick Art Supplys. Same size, .003. It has worked flawlessly. Got all the panel lines done and still works like new.

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