P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project Before & After pics of my progress...


May 20, 2009
Hi Peeps!

I mentioned in a previous topic that I will be rebuilding a partial build from a previous builder(I bought some model kits from him, he didn't have time to build). Here are some pics below:



Missing a chunk of wingtip.


I am gonna need to take apart that cockpit and hopefully be able to rebuild and repaint what I can.

This will be cool! What's real cool is my wife thinks its wonderful that I am back at model building. HaHa ;D

Re: P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project...

HI Atomicdog, :)
Good to have u on board, and glad your back into modeling. ;D
I bought a cheap C3PO kit that had been started by a ham fisted modeler, and I'm nearing completion, I have to say that I sort of enjoyed it more than a new build :p
Lookin forward to see more of your builds.

Re: P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project...

Definately one of the coolest looking aircraft ever made.

The kit looks like a challenge. Best luck and keep posting!

Chas ;)
Re: P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project...

looks exciting. What is your plan for the wing tip?
Re: P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project...

The wingtip..... Well I am lucky that its on the bottom half of wing. So I am gonna try to remove it very carefully or leave the tip there and piece it together like a puzzle. ;) Yeah thats the ticket...hehe

Take care peeps!
Re: P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project...

Hey guys! The P38 is coming along. I just redid the cockpit the best I can. I will have a before and after pics up shortly. SR-71 Blackbird is almost done. That has been a major project(headache). I'll be Back! 8)
Re: P-38 Night Lightning Redo Project...

Ok here are some pics of my progress with this "Redo" build...


I carefully used a X-Acto to pry or remove old overglued cockpit..


I repaint it ...I am not that great at it..but, hey it looks better than what it was ;D..


Here it is glue to wing..sorry for glare...

That is where I am on with this P-38...Take care! ;)
Hi Atomic, ;)
Coming along great.
Have you found yourself muttering things like "look at the state of that" yet? If not it will come! ;D
Looks like the previous builders motto was "U can't hurry a Craftsman!" LOL
Looking good so far.
Sometimes if you put parts in the freezer it helps make the take down easier.
Even CA tends to get a bit more brittle after being sentenced to 'the cooler'.
Well here is where I am at...this is a project...ugh! I have been doing some sealing and about to put the rockets on. Almost done though.. I think it looks better than before :-\


Hey I need to put 20 grams in the front of nose..any ideas? I tried fishing weights...did not work. Lmk. Thanks. ;)
Looks much better, keep going!

For a weight, you could try a blob of blue-tac?
Hi Atomic,
As you have already stated you could add lead fishing weights to the nose, as much as you can get in there, and add weights where the engines would sit at the front of the wing beams. If you have glued the front of the engines on can you get access via the wheel wells? Or try pounding several lead fishing weights flat, hammered and glued together, and file the assembly to fit snuggly into the nose.
Joolz. ;D
Well..the fishing weights worked after I figured out that I needed to smash them with a hammer. I flatten them out like pancakes and they fit perfect. The nose is down! I will have this puppy up very shortly. I will have it finished hopefully tonight. C ya! ;)

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