My first WW1 build


cut. glue. paint. repeat.
May 24, 2009
I normally build Sci-fi but for a change after Starship Modellers BSG contest I thought I would try some thing different. This was my first WW1 build, 1:72 scale SPAD XIII C1. The paint scheme is not right, but I enjoyed this enough that I went out and got two more bi-plane kits. Lots of challenge, low cost (under $10 CAD per kit).

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Very cool. Great to see you taking on a different genre. Thanks for registering and posting. Great to have you on the forums!
Hi and welcome!

Yeah, those "other kits" are quite interesting for Sci-Fi builders as well. They are kinda cheap and still a lot of fun. :D I tried a Harrier once and want to do a tank some day. But I still have to do quite some sci-fi kits before that. ;D
Hi JMac,
Love the little bird! 8)
You should try the 1/32 scale Sopwith camel or any basic 1/48 scale biplane and scratch the cockpit area, there's plenty of reference material on the web to get it right. What do you use for rigging? I use EZ-Line from the thin line looks about right on 1/48 scale.
Happy Modeling mate. ;D

Thanks for the welcome & comments.

I used monofilament fishing line - it`s what I had kicking around the house. I`m building a second SPAD right now (the 1:72 Academy kit - I think it`s not as good as the old 1:72 Revell kit) and I`m using streched sprue for the first time -this time.

I have a WW1 plane question for you, How do you secure the rigging between the wing struts?

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