Looking for a little help with some scratch builds...


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Jun 24, 2009
Hey everyone, noob here. Well, noob here in the forums, but I've been building and customizing for quite a few years.

Anyway, as you can tell from my screen name, I'm pretty much a StarWarsGeek... but I've got a customer who's asking me to build some stuff for him that's out of my area of expertise, so I'm hoping that I could get some ideas from some outside brains...

First, a little more info. These ships are to be built in 1/18 scale... to accommodate action figures. So it's probably a little bigger than most of you are used to, lol. Second, I'll probably be building them to what I call "Hasbro scale" and if you collect any of the current toys, you know what that means. If you don't, well... let's just say that Hasbro's ruler is a little smaller than others.

Anyway, here's what he wants built:

Stargate X-302

Space: Above and Beyond Hammerhead

I have a few ideas churning in my head, but like I said, I'm really interested in hearing from some other, experienced modelers to see what might be out there available for me to use.

Any help, ideas, comments, etc. are greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!

(PS - I found this forum via YouTube, but I don't really build model kits, it's mostly action figure customizing. Is that OK to post here, or is it strictly models? If it is, that's cool, I'll still hang around and stick my nose in where it doesn't belong from time to time, because I'm sure I can still pick up some tips and ideas from everybody here. Thanks!)
I can't see anything wrong with you being here. A model is a representation of a larger subject. What you do fits.
Hey starwarsgeek, welcome to the forum :) If I were you, I'd go looking for paper models of those two ships and invest in a lot of sheet styrene. The Stargate ship is particularly angular IIRC, so it should be the easier of the two to make. I hope you charge a lot of money to build these-- it's a huge project!
Thanks guys! Here's a little "digital mockup" that was made in photoshop for the 302... it's basically a Star Wars V-19 space ship with a GI Joe Sky Hawk based onto the front. Like I said, this is more "Hasbro scale" than true 1/18th scale, because on another forum someone told me that at 1/18th scale the wingspan for the 302 would be over 4 feet long! This is probably more around 2.4 - 2.8 feet wingspan, it's not really small but nowhere near actual scale.

Wow, that'll be quite a task. Don't forget a sturdy under constructure for those ships. Other than that I don't have valuable tips either. :'( I am just looking forward to see you building that stuff. I hope you'll provide some photographs of the process!

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