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May 7, 2009
Hi all, as promised here is a scratch build i did at the end of last year. Its mostly found items i used with a few kit parts chucked at it.



Here it is finished an if ya click along you will see some more shots of it.


Hope you all like it. Oh as a note i called it a Stalk Tank, borrowing the name from the Gaunts Ghosts novels by Dan Abnett but it looks nouwt like a stalk tank as discribed in the book, just loved the name.

You really found some great parts to add together. It is very convincing, the spider eyes are an especially cool detail! Right On!
Thanks a lot guys, the eyes are swizzel sticks for coffy with some stick on half beads that are sold for card makers. Legs are washing line pegs i stole of the line as the wife was putting out the washing, i had a eureka moment and wondered away muttering spider legs :D

Awwww Blitz, that's just too cool! I have looked at the darling's clothes pegs in the past! Neat. Shall pinch that idea. Cheers Dude.
Looks as if Will Smith aka James West, would look to destroying it!
Thanks, i'm glad you all like it. I'm thinking of doing a Mk II but this tiem i will make a master of the leg and detail it up much better then cast it 6 times. And maybe a bigger ball for the main body with a better cupoler (sp?) insterd of a drinks bottle top :D I will have to change the main body part of the main gun as it was maid from the plastic recharge cap from a pasload nail gun and i aint seen a chippy on site in months to get another one from them.

Gonna try the Plasma Cannon version? :D
looks awesome for a Stalk tank, don't see enough good ones
Pretty Cool! When I first looked at it..I thought of that giant spider robot in the movie, The Incredibles. Nice scratch build. ;)
Very nice build, you can almost see its movement.! ;D

PS Builds like this just get your scratchbuild juices flowing. ::)
Thanks all, i will get around to another one of these soonish ;D

And whilst on the subject of Stalk Tanks here's a link to a proper one based on the only illustration i've seen of a Stalk Tank. This is by Dave Taylor a VERY talented modeler. Third pic down. http://davetaylorminiatures.blogspot.com/2009/05/three-out-of-four-lead-wave-of-future.html


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