Issue #2


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Issue 2 is awesome!!! Ken the weathering article is great. I'm giving it a second read over tonight to see if I missed anything....older eyes and all. Love the pic layout too guys. Sharp crisp images go a long way. I tip my hat off to you boys because this is not easy coordination.


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Steve Ski said:
Big-John said:
I tink I already found a major boo boo in issue 2, but I'm not gonna stick the knife in and break it off ;D

If ya find any in issue #1, email it and ya could win stuff dude. See Ken's entro page at the bottom.

Cheers, Ski.
Well is it only about issue 1 or also about issue 2?? ;)


I'd say the spot the goof is about issue 1 this time around.

But I'd venture a guess, there may be something in issue 3 about issue 2.



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Well that could be another standard column ;)
For sure it would keep things on the humours side ;)


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Goofs, or no goofs, it's an outstanding publication! Something In there for every one! And ken, no the tiger article did not disapoint!!!!!

Chris S

Its a bit like being handcuffed to a lunatic !
Just got mine today ,so Im off to hide for a bit tomorrow ;D ;D ;D


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Congrats on the sophomore effort, on e again a thing of beauty. The quality of the photos and art work is too notch once again, good work people!


" Ouch, Cut me finger again "
;D luv it........ Thanks again for an enjoyable and informative issue SMA ......... 8) 8)


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Got mine and have already read it through. All in all I think it's great and I enjoyed all the articles, but I really enjoyed the Tiger I "Old School" weathering article. Kudo's to everyone involved in this project, your doing just fine considering it's only #2. Good work guys.

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